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joint tool enhancements

New Maya features Video

Toolsets for simuleition, animation, rendering, and modeling View Maya demo videos. Maya features allow you to tackle challenging productions. Get powerful included 3D animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, match moving, and composting tools on a...


Maya 2014 (Download Free Trail)

Download a free 30-day trial Next-generation display technology Accelerated modeling workflows Full use of Maya No credit card required Online training and support Note: The first time you download a product trial, you will...

ATOM Animation Transfer

ATOM Animation Transfer in Maya 2013

Another element of the new Open Data initiative. ATOM natively supports key-frames, constraints, animation layers, and Set-Driven-Keys, enables artists to more simply repurpose existing animation data as new characters are created.


Alembic Caching in Maya 2013

Read and write the Alembic open basis computer graphics interchange frame-work format, originally developed in 2010 by teams from Sony Pictures Image works and Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucas film Entertainment...


Heat Map Skinning in Maya 2013

Benefit from a more accurate first binding of geometry to skeletons in Maya 2013, thanks to a new Heat Map Skinning method that: 1. Is better able to assign skin to the intended bone...


Bullet Physics in Maya 2013

Simulate both soft and rigid bodies in a particular system, with the high-performance, open source AMD Bullet Physics engine. Make highly realistic simulations of cloth, rope, deformable objects, and ragdoll skeletons. Take advantage of...


New Node Editor in Maya 2013

Make, edit, and debug node networks more simply with the New Node Editor. 1. Choose from three levels of detail. 2. Rewire nodes in a more intuitive environment with drag-and-drop connection editing. 3. Distinguish...