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Modeling a Robot and Rendering Using V-Ray - part3

Modeling a Robot and Rendering Using V-Ray Part 3

V-Ray is very powerful rendering engine for getting realistic output of you 3d graphics. Lights and shadow play very important role in rendering process. V-Ray rendering engine has built-in Global Illumination Settings for overcome at this issue.

Airplane pt. 10JPG

Maya Modeling Basics: Airplane pt. 10

combine function which unites the two halves of the model, as well as the snap to grid functionality allowing verticies to be stuck to the centerline. From there, the tutorial examines how to merge components, and finally how to create a ready-to-animate propellor.


Maya Modeling an Office Plant

Grab this plane to make similar like a leaf model. Increase the radius of the branch where you want to attach leaves. Make some duplicate copy of this leaf and assign them at distance. Name these models properly so that you could find and work on them easily. After this rough modeling, it is ready for texturing and coloring which will be taught in next part.

sample toon

Super Toon Sample in Maya Modeling

Here this tutorial is with very interesting topic of Maya. In this tutorial you will learn about how to create super toon sample for cartoony character. The character model is based on sketched image with free hand drawing. In the beginning of this tutorial you are being introduced with these sketches doing different task. The character is standing near a dustbin and in further images the waste material is spreading around. The drawing is pretty much better for each of the step. There are separate images for all task

selection mode in Maya

Selection Masks in Maya 2012

In this tutorial we shall learn how to use selection mask remaining in Maya. First of all find out selection mask file and open it in Maya. You are seeing in this scene that the current model given in this tutorial is created with the help of different object setup. Here in this project NURBs primitives, polygonal primitives are together used along with lighting affects and some particle affects. The scene is already created and when we play the animation, the scene creates such situation as shown in this video. When we use selection mask, more options appear on the shelf menu. The object setup in this scene is still little bit confusing,


Maya 2012 Tutorial – Three Point Lighting

In this tutorial we shall discuss creating lights, placing and adjusting them along with shadow in the scene. All the set up is done in query and finally the image is obtained with proper lighting and shading textured. There are many types of lighting, spot lighting, target lighting and much more. In this specific tutorial we are just describing three point lightings. If we talked about scene, the character model is in lying position. The lighting application is little bit difficult for this scene but anyway one can do this job easily by following


Autodesk Maya: Sackboy Modeling Tutorial part 1

In this tutorial of Maya 2012, you will learn about sackboy modeling tutorial. The sackboy model is just an imaginary model made up with basic tools using poly modeling. It is advantage of Maya tools, that you can use alternate tools instead of original in case of wrong way. This method of modeling will introduce you with new way of modeling. There are reference image of this model and it is split into four different sides, so that you could work easily. Go to file and open reference image sketch and work for front view.

poly hut

Creating Mud Hut with Poly in Maya

This video will make you clear about how to model Mud house using poly. This mud hut modeling is being performed under hand on exercise with poly modeling in Maya. Most of work is done by editing polygons and you can use thousand of ways to edit these polygons. It depend on you which